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Nearshore staffing refers to the practice of hiring skilled professionals from neighboring countries to work remotely for your business, providing cost-effective and efficient staffing solutions.

Nearshore staffing has many advantages such as cost-effectiveness, access to a large talent pool, cultural compatibility, and similar time zones. Businesses can leverage this outsourcing model to expand their operations and focus on their core competencies.

Yes, Nir-Yu is based and headquartered in the United States with offices in Florida. We have also established companies throughout the region where our nearshore professionals are located. This setup allows us to ensure proper legal liability, making it easy for clients to sign contracts and agreements with our US entity. It also streamlines invoicing and payment processes, eliminating cross-country payment challenges and foreign exchange issues.

It’s important to note that our regional companies locally employ and support the candidates wherever they reside. This ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations while providing seamless on-the-ground support to our professionals. Rest assured that you will have a reliable and compliant nearshore staffing solution that combines the benefits of a US corporation with the local expertise and support necessary for successful engagements.

Offshoring involves outsourcing work to a different continent or region, typically one that is not geographically close. Whereas nearshore staffing involves outsourcing to nearby countries.

Because nearshore staffing involves hiring professionals from nearby countries, resources share similar time zones and cultural values, promoting better collaboration and communication resulting in faster turnaround times and better results.

Cost-plus nearshore staffing is a unique approach where we transparently provide the cost breakdown of our services, ensuring that you pay only the actual cost of the resources plus a fair and reasonable management fee.

Cost plus pricing is applied to the nearshore staffing resource’s true local country cost to cover overhead expenses and a fair and reasonable service fee. Nir-Yu is transparent about our pricing and shares all information related to each resource with you to give you the necessary insight.

Nearshore staffing can be used to outsource a wide range of services such as software development, customer support, data entry, accounting, HR, and marketing, among others.

The most commonly outsourced services in 2022 were as follows:

  • IT services: 27%
  • Digital Marketing: 24%
  • Legal: 23%
  • Finance: 23%
  • Software Development:21%
  • Customer Support: 19%

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from nearshore staffing. Startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations can leverage this outsourcing model to expand their operations, reduce costs, and access a broader talent pool.

Nir-Yu is a leading nearshore staffing provider, specializing in providing services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and featuring a cost-plus pricing model. We offer customized solutions, deep industry knowledge, and access to a vast pool of highly skilled professionals, ensuring your success.

Nearshore staffing offers numerous benefits, including access to a vast talent pool, cost savings, improved productivity, cultural alignment, flexibility in staffing arrangements, and industry-specific expertise, all of which can help your business thrive.

Nir-Yu can search and hire any seniority level, whether you need Junior, Mid, Senior, Architects or managers. We validate experience to ensure that the experience that is being claimed is correct and furthermore negotiate different wages for the levels of seniority to ensure that the cost is aligned with what you get.

We offer nearshore staffing services in a range of countries, including but not limited to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile, ensuring access to top-notch talent in various domains.

Yes, we hire resources from locations that are able to work per our clients’ timezone requirements.

The costs of nearshore staffing depend on various factors such as the country, the type of work, and the level of experience of the resources. In general, nearshore staffing is more cost-effective by 48% to 63% than similar US resources and provides businesses with a competitive advantage.

Cost-plus pricing is one of several pricing models used in nearshore staffing, such as fixed-price and time-and-material pricing. Compared to these models, cost-plus pricing provides more transparency in pricing and enables the business to control costs more effectively. Additionally, cost-plus pricing is typically the options that generates the largest savings.

Cost-plus pricing for nearshore staffing provides several benefits, such as transparency in pricing, allowing the business to control costs, ensuring the outsourced work is profitable, and enabling the business to adjust pricing based on changing market conditions.

The onboarding time varies depending on the complexity of your project and the specific requirements. However, our streamlined processes and extensive experience allow us to expedite the onboarding process, getting your team up and running smoothly.

You’ll typically receive the first group of candidates from Nir-Yu within three days or less. The rest will depend on scheduling the interviews and how the interviews go. If more interviews or candidates are required, more cycles will be needed. Our first groups have an average skill-match rate of 80% and acceptance rate of over 50%.

Absolutely! We believe in giving you full control and flexibility. You actively participate in the talent selection process and choose the professionals who best match your project requirements and business objectives.

At Nir-Yu, we follow a rigorous selection process, thoroughly vetting professionals based on their skills, experience, and cultural fit. We ensure that only the best and most qualified candidates are presented to you for consideration.

The Nir-Yu community of professionals maintains an annual attrition rate of less than 8.7%. We attribute that to the excellent quality of our customers and the organizational culture and values-based approach that they espouse.

Yes, nearshore staffing offers flexibility in scaling your team according to your changing business needs. You can easily adjust the team size and skill sets, whether you require short-term project-specific resources or long-term dedicated professionals.

Every resource is individually vetted based on your company’s specific needs to ensure alignment with your requirements for English fluency and grasp of the English language, whether written or spoken. Additionally, all professionals are also screened to ensure cultural fit.

Nearshore staffing allows you to access highly skilled professionals from neighboring countries where labor costs are lower, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to hiring in-house or outsourcing domestically. You can achieve more with a smaller budget.

We understand the legal and compliance complexities involved in nearshore staffing and ensure that all professionals provided by Nir-Yu are fully compliant with local regulations and employment laws, minimizing any potential legal risks for your business.

Yes, you retain full control and ownership of the work done by the nearshore professionals. We prioritize the protection of intellectual property and data security. We have robust measures in place to safeguard your sensitive IP and all of our professionals sign comprehensive confidentiality and IP transfer agreements to ensure seamless protection and transfer to you.

At Nir-Yu, we provide comprehensive support throughout the engagement. Our dedicated account managers and project coordinators ensure smooth operations, address any concerns, and provide ongoing assistance to maximize the success of your projects.

Absolutely! Nearshore staffing allows you to tap into a diverse talent pool and access professionals with specialized skills and expertise that may be scarce or unavailable in your local market, helping you bridge skill gaps and drive innovation.

Quality and reliability can be ensured by working with an experienced nearshore outsourcing partner who has a proven track record of delivering high-quality resources. You can also establish clear communication channels, set up performance metrics, and ensure regular monitoring and feedback.

Language barriers are minimal or non-existent in nearshore staffing because we carefully select professionals with excellent language proficiency and cultural alignment to ensure seamless communication and collaboration between your team and the nearshore resources.

Nir-Yu caters to a wide range of industries and sectors, including but not limited to technology, software development, finance, marketing, customer support, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. We have the expertise to fulfill staffing needs across diverse industries.

Getting started is simple! Reach out to our team and we will schedule a consultation to understand your specific requirements and tailor a nearshore staffing solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals and objectives. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Finding the right nearshore outsourcing partner requires that you find a company that has the local knowledge and experience as well as cultural compatibility required to interact with you. Additionally, the partner must have a US company from which to invoice and receive payment so that you avoid cross-border legal and payment matters as well foreign exchange rate variations.

The cost of a resource can be affected by several factors, such as the level of expertise and experience, location, local taxes and benefits. Even though this sounds like a lot, when compared to US wages and benefits, nearshore resources typically generate savings of 37% to 52%.

If visits to your offices are required, we make sure that any resource being introduced have a valid passport and visa to ensure that visits can occur as immediately as desired.

To ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, it is crucial to hire an experienced nearshore staffing partner who is familiar with the legal requirements of the country where the work is being outsourced.


Our team of experts will do all the hard work for you.

We take care of the recruitment and hiring process as well as local payroll and compliance matters to make sure you have top-quality and affordable talent on your team for as long as you want.